"Sailing Soul" Set


The energy of love and care. Embraces your spirit’s ageless, feminine wisdom, and spiraling DNA of creation/birth.


Dead Sea Salt
Connects you to the earth and Mother Nature. An immense cleaning, purifying, and grounding effect. Feel the frequency of this healing salt washing over you, clearing and cleaning all the old stories that are no longer serving you.


Ocean Gold
Enhances the immune system and thymus gland and encourages loving communication by combining Neptunian pearl-like waveforms with playful dolphin pod and whale energies.


Laughing Buddha
Journey into childlike joy, relaxation, and letting go. Laughing Buddha radiates the love, compassion, and joviality of Eastern teachings. Guides us to love ourselves fully, not take ourselves so seriously, and occasionally have a good, deep belly laugh. The healing sound of joy expressed through laughter.


  • • size: 6, 7, 8 inch / note: A#, C#, F# / tuning: 528
  • • 8" C# +35 Grandmother
  • • 6" A# +40 Dead Sea Salt
  • • 7" F# +15 Ocean Gold, Laughing Buddha (Inside) (Binaural)
  • • Carrying case, rubber rings, and mallet included.
  • • Etched with the intention of the ALLEL symbol.
  • • place the bowl on top of the rubber ring, ensuring the bowl is centered.
  • • strike the outside of the bowl in an upright position, giving about half the length of the mallet to the bowl surface near the top rim.
  • • follow the sound around the bowl with the mallet, enhancing the duration and loudness of the tone depending on how long/how much pressure you apply to the bowl with the mallet.
  • • every person has a unique style of playing the bowls. some will move the mallet clockwise for specific intentions, while others prefer a counter-clockwise motion or a combination.
  • • do not place a person’s head inside of the bowl while playing.
  • • do not strike or play the bowl(s) too loudly, especially near a person’s head.
  • • place bowls at least 12 inches apart or the vibrations may shatter a bowl.
  • • bowls may shatter if several are playing in a small room.
  • • to clean, use distilled water with about a 10% solution of mild detergent. you may apply this solution with a soft brush to the outside surface. rinse with clear water and dry with a blow dryer.
  • • to clear your bowl(s) of excess energy, you may use clear water, a gentle solution of salt water (no more than 2% salt), incense, and essential oils - even sunlight or moonlight may also help.

• Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping & handling. (shipping rates, time, and additional costs may vary for international orders)
• All sales are FINAL.

  • • no medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls to replace the need for medical advice.
  • • if you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physician or health care practitioner.
  • • some people have noted discomfort or pain if they have metal pins or stainless steel ball joints. consult with your audience before sounding the bowl(s).